How Rich is Casino-Rich?

How Rich is Casino-Rich?

There is an old joke that experienced gamblers will recognise with a wry smile: how you leave a casino with a small fortune? You arrive with a large fortune…

Of course, it IS a joke, and any of the thousands of small-stakes slots players who have won an enormous progressive jackpot and walked out of the casino rich might beg to differ. But as any rational gambling fan will admit, casinos are in business to make money. The fact that they can make a profit and still return more than 90% of their takings on all their games to players in prizes, simply underlines how lucky a player has to be to get rich by betting on games of chance.

So most realistic players, when asked when they feel casino-rich, will respond that it is any time they leave an online gaming site or a land-based casino with more money than they started with. Rich is relative, and players who know when to take the moderate wins and walk away are often more successful in the long run than those who never give up the chase for that one life-changing win.

Some Ways to Leave a Casino Rich

There are, of course, certain behaviours gaming fans can cultivate both in online casinos and land-based operations to give themselves a better chance of beating the house and walking away from the casino rich. The first tip, naturally, is only to play at sites or land-based casinos that are legally registered and have a reputation for fair dealings with customers. Casino review sites are particularly helpful in weeding out the bad apples online, and the best online casinos also provide certification that their software is secure and that their games have been audited for fairness.

The second tip to becoming casino-rich is to understand the games properly like punters of the NBA betting who research deeply before wagering. Slots fans can usually rely purely on luck and long-term play to unlock a few big prizes, but players who have a bent for calculating odds at speed may prefer games like Poker or Blackjack, where knowing the likelihood of any card coming up by working out the odds can tip the hand in a player’s favour, with correct betting technique. Players with a proven, practised Roulette strategy that minimises the chances of losing have a better chance of walking out of the casino rich than those who simple plonk chips down randomly.

Responsible Play Avoids Complications

The final tip gamblers should heed is that it is easier to get out of the casino rich if you are not desperate. Responsible gambler, who only play with real money they can afford to lose, are more likely to be able to come back and have a shot at real riches another day, than those who risk bankruptcy by running up gambling debts they can’t cover. So the key to leaving a casino rich, as with most get-rich schemes, involves knowledge and self-discipline.

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Or Try Get Rich at Rich Casino

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