Australian lotto online

Australian Lotto Online: Regional Goes National

Australia’s states and territories, permitted by federal law to each set their own individual gambling rules, have long recognised the value of lotteries to the state or territorial fiscus. Lotteries can be played for tremendous rewards at relatively modest stakes, so they are a sensible betting option that allows people the chance to transform their lives, while contributing to revenue that goes to state social spending on healthcare, sport and the arts.

The Internet revolution and the growth of online and mobile gaming have given punters plenty of Australian lotto online options. Simply by expanding the pool of players able to enter them. Lotteries that were previously only available regionally can now be accessed nationwide online, not only creating bigger playing pools, but also creating the opportunity for even larger jackpots. The Oz Lotto drawn every Tuesday night, for example, was originally confined to NSW, but can now be played countrywide.

It was Oz Lotto that delivered the largest Division 1 Australian lotto online jackpot ever, in November 2012: more than AU$111.9-million. The Powerball lottery on Thursday nights, which has stiffer odds against the player but compensates for that with bigger jackpots in general, has seen a top jackpot of a whopping AU$80-million.

Six Days of Lotto per Week

Australian lotto online has done more than make lotteries accessible across state lines; it has also ensured that Australians can play their favourite numbers almost any day of the week. Monday to Saturday, there is always at least one lottery being drawn. The Saturday Lotto, as its name suggests, is drawn every Saturday.

The Division 1 prize averages AU$4-million every week, but “Superdraws” are held several times a year with jackpots around AU$20-million, and the one “Megadraw” per year has a jackpot of as much as AU$30-million. There’s also the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, the Set for Life Lotto drawn on a Friday, and several smaller Australian lotto online games like the Australian Soccer Pools, Keno, Trackside and Super 66 (or Lotto Strike in NSW) that crop up throughout the week.

Australian Lotteries Do Good Works

Although Australian lotto online is no longer exclusively a state-owned concern, since changes in regulations combined with the possibilities of online gaming have seen a number of private companies enter the online betting market, a state or territory’s profits from Australian lotto online are still used for good causes and social development. The entry of private corporations also allowed most states and territories to outsource the operation of their lotteries to private operator Tatts. The regional governments still retain ownership, and of course revenue, but private companies are able to give punters all over the country easier access to Australian lotto online more cost-effectively, as they already have the online infrastructure in space.

This partnership between Tatts and six of Australia’s seven states or territories (only Western Australia still operates its state-owned lottery itself, through the Lotterywest company) have helped Australian lotto online to remain a useful source of social funding, while giving ordinary Australians the chance to change their lives completely.