European Blackjack by Amaya

Details about European Blackjack by Amaya

European Blackjack, by Amaya, is an online simulation of the popular casino game, recreated with clear graphics, voice narration, engaging animations, and a very user friendly interface. The player need simply login and play, from desktop browser or via mobile device, and the game can be played for free, or for real money. Note that any players wishing to play blackjack for real money must be logged in to an account, and must have available funds.

Playing Blackjack

The game of blackjack is well known, and the rules are recreated in this online version to exact specifications. The player is dealt two cards, of which the values are added. The player must then select to stand, or ask for another card, depending on how close the total is to twenty one. If a new card is dealt and the total above twenty one, the player is bust and loses their bet. If the player sticks, the dealer must attempt to get a total closer to twenty one. If the dealer cannot get closer, the player wins the bet. Some special rules may change how the game is played, depending on the cards dealt.

European Blackjack – Interface and Buttons

The game has been designed to be easily playable on mobile devices and tablets online. All buttons are one touch, and options are clearly visible. Upon starting, blackjack player can place a bet by tapping the betting ring on the virtual table. How much in chips each single tap places can be changed via the options in the bottom right.

Once a bet is placed, the player can then touch the deal button to have cards dealt. When cards have been dealt, new options will appear as appropriate. The stand button keeps the current total, while the hit button asks for another card. If other options are available with the specific hand, they will be clearly displayed. When the hand is done, and the narrator has called player win, bust, or push, a button will then appear for a new game.

Note that if you would like more details about the game, winning hands, and payout odds, it can be seen by touching the Table Limits and Payouts display on the virtual table. If you would like further information, or have questions, contact the customer support centre of the online casino where you play.

Online European Blackjack Difference

Advanced Rules – Push and Aces

In European Blackjack, if the player stands on seventeen, or above, and the dealer gets the same number, the round is declared a push and the bet returned to the player. Meaning that no money is won or lost. Another rule to note is the ace. If an ace is dealt to the player, it may be played as eleven, or one. Hence, the player may call for another card, and if the total exceeds twenty one, the ace may then be played as a one, to avoid going bust. If the player is dealt five cards, without exceeding twenty one, this is often referred to as a five card trick.