Online Domestic Betting Options for Rugby

When it comes to rugby betting online, the premise underlying the wagers remains the same across both international and domestic formats: punters are able to bet on individual games if they wish to, like who will win; what the margin of the win will be; how many points the winning team will lead by; which player will score the most points during the game; and how many tries will be made.

They are also able to look at the game’s full campaign, and bet on which team will have triumphed when the season draws to a close; place the order of the final three teams; and predict who will end up being relegated. The fact that there are this many options across the board is what keeps betting enthusiasts who are also fans of the game coming back.

International Rugby Betting Options Online

The main difference between betting on international tournaments and domestic games is that the odds will be shorter, because fewer teams are involved, and, usually, these will be more closely matched.

Aside from the more obvious scenarios of win and lose, one of the most well liked rugby online betting markets is the spread. This is when bettors try to estimate how many points a team will win or lose by, and, thanks to the quick pace of the games, and the unpredictable nature of these, punters very often find excellent odds available at online bookmakers when it comes to bets based on the spread of a game.

Handicap Betting Online for Rugby Games

Many of the better-known bookmakers make rugby betting handicap options available: this system has the bookmaker analysing a game, in terms of both the team’s overall form and that of the individual players, and reach a conclusion as to who they feel is most likely to win the match. A handicap is then applied to the teams taking part in the match, with the one perceived as stronger being assigned a negative points-marker, and the underdog having points added to the final score they manage to attain. This can be seen to even out the chances of punters winning a particular bet, and can be an excellent option because handicaps are often decided by perceived form, such as public opinion, not the actual form of the team in question based on past results.

Total Points Online Rugby Betting

Punters can also make use of the chance to bet on the total amount of points that a rugby match will see score, comparing their estimation with the marker set by the bookmaker making the bet available. This is generally referred to as an over/under bet, with the over wager being that which has the punter guessing to more points than the marker indicates being scored, and the under bet less points than the bookmaker’s marker.

While these exotic bets may sound more complicated than the traditional, more straightforward wagers at rugby betting bookmakers in Australia are more commonly used, the odds on these are usually far more attractive for punters than their counterparts. Punters are advised to study teams’ recent form, whether League or Union, a one-off game or an entire tournament, and try to find the line where he or she feels that the bookmaker has been swayed by public opinion rather than actual facts.