Reviewing Jungle Wild Online Slot for Casino Players

Strap on your explorer’s hat and head out into the jungle with the Jungle wild slot game. Created by Williams Interactive, the game features a 5 reel, 30 betting line system. This means that the game offers an excellent amount of interactivity, and will certainly appeal to slot game players who enjoy a more tactical approach. But what about graphics and visual design, which are becoming ever more the focus of modern slot games.

Jungle Wild is starting to see its age, and although the symbol images are still fairly impressive in terms of detail, there are no animations or special effects of any kind. Sure, special effects and animations do not make a game instantly better by default, but one can’t help but notice that Jungle Wild is not on par with more recent games. In the game play department, however, the game is still an absolute blast, and still well worth checking out.

Symbol Designs

Sticking with the theme of adventure and jungle exploration, Jungle Wild offers up some pretty unique symbol designs, the most valuable are a set of gold, Mayan themed masks. Anyone who has seen Indiana Jones will know where these masks take their inspiration, and they do a good job of creating a sense of excitement and adventure. Plus, match them at least 3 times and that excitement will turn to exhilaration. The masks are pretty valuable in the payout department.

Other symbols are largely focused around wildlife, and the quality of the artwork can’t be denied. Players will run into moneys, parrots, butterflies, and a whole selection of foliage. Each animal looks remarkably authentic, and each plant real enough to reach out and touch. Plus, there is not a single playing card symbol to be seen, which stands as proof that the makers of the game wanted something truly immersive and unique.


Jungle Wild is available to play on all popular platforms, including smart phone, tablet, home computer, and laptop. Please be sure to download the correct version if you intend on playing on your smart phone. Android versions will not work on Apple phones, and vice versa.

Bonus Features

But no https://onlinecasinogames.co.nz/pokies/ is complete without its special features, and Jungle Wild has a few to explore and investigate. The first is the wild symbol, which will match with any other symbol, except the special feature symbol. Note that the wild symbol will also match with itself for major jackpot payouts.

The second bonus feature is the pyramid symbol, which acts as a scatter symbol. This means that the pyramid symbol does not have to be adjacent on the reels in order to match. Upon the scatter symbol matching the player is granted 5 free spins. During the free spins, however, the reels will be stacked with multiple extra wild symbols, dramatically increasing the chances of wins being achieved. It need not be said that these free spins generally result in amazing big wins, large enough to make anyone consider heading out into the jungle in search of treasure.