A Quick Guide to Tropezia Palace – An Online Casino Site

Tropezia Palace is an online gambling website, offering a wide variety of games for gamblers from all walks of life. Classic table games such as roulette and blackjack are offered, as well a good selection of slot machines. It is in the less mainstream games, however, that the website stands apart. Virtual craps are available, as well as red dog and baccarat. Plus, for those who enjoy a bit of simulated online horse racing, the website even runs a twenty four hour a day 3D horse racing simulation. The minimum deposit amount for this website is ten Euros. Note that access is possible via mobile phone, although the experience is optimised for computer and laptop.

Simulated Horse Racing

Not offered by many online casinos, 3D simulated horse racing allows Tropezia Palace to stand apart. The program used is detailed, highly sophisticated, and available now, twenty four hours a day. All the betting options expected at a real horse race are offered, arranged in a neat interface that makes it easy for anyone to jump right in. Plus, each 3D horse race may be watched, with animated horses, realistic statistics, and an astonishingly immersive camera angle system. This is one everyone should try, veteran and casual gamblers alike.

Online Keno

In its mission to provide something for everyone, Tropezia Palace has included Keno its in selection of games. The online version of this classic gambling game is much like the real version, but with digital cards instead of cardboard. Plus, there are a range of different varieties to choose from, with versions that twist and bend the rules, allowing for a unique game play experience. Traditional Keno, however, is of course available, for those who prefer to stick to tradition.

First Deposit Rewards

Tropezia Palace loves inviting new players to its casino, and as such is offering an exclusive, generous first time deposit bonus. New players who have signed up and are ready to make their first deposit will get the deposit amount matched, one hundred percent, up to a maximum of one hundred Euros. There is no need to enter a bonus code for this bonus. This means a deposit of fifty Euros will become one hundred Euros instantly. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that this bonus amount, and any money made with this bonus, will be held as a bending balance until a 20X wager requirement is reached. A 20X wager requirement means that the player must make at least twenty wagers equal to the initial deposit.

Guaranteed Security

The Tropezia Palace website is serious about security, and guarantees that every transaction that takes place on the website will be one hundred percent secure. Advanced SSL encryption technology is used, meaning that someone intercepting information one the website would be like a person successfully guessing  which key fitted into a lock, if there were millions of different keys, and millions of different locks. The website has a one hundred percent security safety record, and aims to keep it that way. The same can’t be said for real world casinos.