Wonky Wabbits Online Slots Review

The Wonky Wabbits online slot game has a range of settings that can be customized by players. Because of this, the slot is well suited to players who might be on a lower budget, as well as those who like placing bigger bets. The coin sizes in Wonky Wabbits can be set anywhere from 0.01 up to 0.50. A maximum of 10 coins can be played per win line.

Of course when it comes to just about any slot game, players always have a look at what the main jackpot prize is. In this case, players can win up to a maximum of a 390,000 coins. As with all other online slots, players should refer to the details about what is required to be eligible to win the main jackpot.

Players will typically need to place the maximum bet in order to stand a chance of actually being able to win this main prize. However, all smaller bets are still able to win, even though the prize value will be slightly lower.

Wonky Wabbits Wild Symbol

In this particular online slot, the Wonky Wabbits symbol acts as the wild symbol. Every time one of the Wonky Wabbits wild symbols shows up on the game reels, it will duplicate itself, and will then begin to create the best winning combinations that are possible for the player. Because of this, it is always in the player’s benefit to land as many of the wild symbols as possible.

After this wild symbol duplication has occurred on the reels, a maximum number of 14 wilds can potentially be landed on the reels. The slot offers players with a total of 5 playing reels, and 30 different pay lines.

Net Entertainment is the developer of the Wonky Wabbits online slot. Because the game comes from such a well-known developer, with such a good reputation in the industry, players can have some level of confidence that the game will be of a decent standard.

Full details about all the winning combinations that are possible in this game are available on the particular online casino where you are playing. Players should refer to this to find out what all the different winning combinations are, and which symbols will pay out the most, or at least the biggest prizes.

Wonky Wabbits Slots Basics

There are no free spins on offer in this particular slot. In addition, there are no further bonus features or mini games on offer. However, many players like the simplicity of a new aristocrat slots game that doesn’t offer too many added extras. In many cases this makes the betting strategy that players use a little simpler, as there are less details that need to be considered.

In terms of the symbols that are on offer in the Wonky Wabbits slot, these are of a very high standard. There are the typical high playing card symbols, including the Jack, 10, Queen, King, and the high Ace. Other symbols include a tomato, and corn on the cob. There is also a little bird that flies across the screen, and obviously the rabbit that shows up every now and again.