Crazy Reels Slot Basics Mentioned

Crazy Reels Slot Basics Mentioned for Players

Crazy Reels online video slots is a classic reel slots game that draws its inspiration from old brick and mortar casino slots machines. The graphics and layout represent this by using older style and more simple graphics, while attempting to make you feel like you are standing in a casino by rendering other slots machines in the background. The game is an authentic representation of older, more retro slots but it still fits in well in the world of cutting edge online casinos.

The sound effects are simple but effective, the reels make no sound until they stop and the subtle sounds of background casino are constant, trying to give the impression of actually being in a casino. Mazooma Interactive went with a very retro feel when developing Crazy Reels online slots and decided to keep things simple rather than overwhelm the senses.

Crazy Reels Game Details

The game of Crazy Reels slots holds a total of 3 reels, but still offers up to 5 pay lines to choose from. When betting on these pay lines you are limited to betting only one coin per pay line and cannot adjust that amount at all. You can however adjust the coin size which ranges from the minimum coin size of 0.1 to a maximum coin size of 10.

The game holds no wild card or wild symbol and holds no scatter symbol either. There are only 5 symbols in total across all three reels and each one is valued equal to the next in terms of wins. The five symbols are the apple, an orange, a lemon, a bunch of grapes, a few strawberries, some plums and the odd one out – the bell.

Crazy Reels Bonus Game

If you look at the pay- out table at the top right of the screen, you will note that all the playable symbols hold the same value and they all appear stacked on the reels. This means that all the positions on one reel can feature the same symbols regularly.

Players that are familiar to the UK styled fruit machines or some Skrill pokies will find themselves in common ground as every time you land a win in Crazy Reels online video slots, you get the opportunity to repeat that win. The repeat bonus game is played in two stages.

Internet Based Crazy Reels Slot

Stage 1 of the Bonus Game

Stage one lights up a series of arrow lights on the right of the screen. These lights go up and down towards a stop button. This is a skilled based task and if you stop the lights ta the correct place, you get to move on to the second stage.

Stage 2 of the Bonus Game

The second stage is chance based unlike the first stage. In the second stage you click to start the lights going round and wait for them to come to a halt, almost like Roulette. If the lights land in the right place (on the “Repeater” sign) then your winning amount is automatically doubled and paid out to you.